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Flooring as fashion

In the commercial flooring world, sheet vinyl is a reliable, easy-to-install and maintain product that pretty much every vendor offers. So when my team at Mats Inc. found out we were going to be carrying a new line of sheet flooring with almost 40 colors to showcase, we knew we wanted something a little different to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

During brain-storming sessions, we created collections of colors to make it easier for those in the target audience - architects and interior designers - to narrow down their choices. We floated the idea of "capsule" collections, much like a curated seasonal capsule wardrobe, and thus the idea of Tailor Grace, and flooring as fashion, was born.

We split the colors into four distinct collections, and worked with UK-based CGI design studio Creative Frenzy to produce renderings to highlight each of the capsule collections (Denim and Leather, Natural Nautical, Urban Classic, and Tasteful Modern).

Work on the Tailor Grace campaign won:

  • GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards

  • MarCom Awards - Gold

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