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It can't wait.

As the end-of-support deadline for Windows 10 looms in October 2025, our team at SHI is focusing on a key initiative: driving customer upgrades to Windows 11. Collaborating closely with marketing leaders across growth and creative services, I played a pivotal role in launching the impactful ‘It Can’t Wait’ campaign. My responsibilities included creating captivating assets for digital advertising, social media, and our company resource hub. Additionally, I worked closely with the copy team to produce an engaging ebook that highlights the six myths getting in the way of a successful   Windows 11 adoption.

Expanding upon the success of the ‘It Can’t Wait’ campaign, SHI secured new promotional opportunities by partnering with major industry players. As a key contributor to our comprehensive device refresh initiative, I had the privilege of creating impactful marketing assets for esteemed brands such as Lenovo, Intel, and ChromeOS.

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Explore the Windows 11 ebook landing page and full report.

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Visit the ChromeOS device refresh landing page.

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