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An old friend with a new name

After 50 years in business, Mats Inc. needed a new identity to reflect how the company had evolved over the years - from a young couple selling floor mats out of the trunk of the family car to a multi-million dollar (but still family-owned!) commercial flooring leader. 

Working with Brooklyn-based agency Standard Issue, Matter Surfaces was born. The new name and style reflected a more high-end, designer look and feel, with three featured flooring brands and curated collections of products across entrance systems, sports flooring, and facilities management.

At the tail end of the pandemic in 2021, our small team took on the monumental task of rebranding all existing marketing collateral, and creating new materials to support sales leadership in markets across the organization. Asset needs spanned across print and digital, with everything from a new website to social media posts and email templates to presentation templates, brochures, and advertising.

ID mag mock new_2x.jpg
matter_various collateral_2x.jpg
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